The voice of wine

The voice of wine
From March 10th to November 30th 2018
Musée du Vin
Sierre (CH)

Have you ever listened to a wine? No? So, come to discover it!

Timbres of voices, melodies of fermentation, humming of machines, tinklings, gurgles, whistles, lappings… From vineyards activities to bottling, the wine express itself through a multitude of sounds!

Emiliano Battistini and Nathan Belval present at Wine Museum a veritable sonic score on vine stocks and barrels. A sensorial journey in three levels, that surprises our perception and shakes usual references. Cherry on the cake, the broadcasting of a unique musical work, composed by sounds collected between vinyards and wine cellars.

The exhibition is born thanks to the collaboration between the Vin Voix Valais association and the Wine Museum, on the base of the sonic researches lead by Battistini and Belval along one year. This original approach allows to combine the material and the immaterial heritage of the wine world. In a ludic way, it makes us painful of the importance of our soundscape.
Shhhhhhut… Close your eyes, lend an ear!

To look to and listen to at Musée du Vin
Rue Ste-Catherine 6, 3960 Sierre (CH)
From Wednesday to Friday, 2pm-6pm; Saturday and Sunday, 11am-6pm.

Guided tour on demand.